About Me

Cisco Certified Networking Professional

About Me

University of California, Santa Barbara Alumni

An individual with no prior knowledge who fell in love with Networking.
Although my knowledge is based around Networking, I have developed a passion for all of Information Technology.


Years of Experience



Over 6 years in information technology, and have designed, maintained, transitioned, manually configured more than 100+ sites.


My Experience

Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching
(CCNP Routing and Switching)
Credential ID CSCO13467250


Network Ops Eng 2 – Lumen Technologies, Inc

24/7/365 support for High Profile Customer with 200+ sites.


Networking Engineer – Leefnet Consulting, LLC

Designed, lead and managed projects. Provided guidance and training to other Engineers and Technicians.


Network Technician – Leefnet Consulting, LLC

First real step into the IT career with an opportunity within a small consulting company.

What People Say

I let my work speak for itself through the voice of others.

Here are some feedback from colleagues, business partners, and customers.

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Tommy Lee